Tiny Homes Village




Born to an incredible single mom, who’s been our guiding star, we three brothers have journeyed through life together. Every year, in honor of our mom’s strength and love, we take her on a trip to celebrate her birthday. Whether they’ve been to the vibrant culture of Jamaica, the snowy peaks of Colorado, or the sunny beaches of California, these annual voyages have been filled with laughter, adventure, and many unforgettable memories.

But during her milestone 70th birthday trip, we found ourselves in a deep discussion about how we, each an entrepreneur in different fields, could create something meaningful together. Inspired by our surroundings and the love we share for our mom, the idea of building a village emerged – a village that reflected the warmth, resilience, and communal spirit she instilled in us.
Fast forward to today, our shared dream has evolved into the Tiny Homes Village. It’s a haven, a community, a lifestyle that encapsulates not just our vision, but our hearts. A place where people can weave a balanced life, cradled by nature and supported by a tight-knit community.

This lovingly crafted village is an embodiment of our shared journey, a tribute to our mom, and our gift to you. We invite you to join us, create your own story, and become part of our family, in this little slice of paradise we call Tiny Homes Village. So, are you ready to become a ‘Villager’? 🏡